How do I know if you’re any good?

It’s so important that you have trust in your suppliers. With that said, I’m very happy to meet locally for a coffee and demonstrate how my magic will add a beautiful WOW FACTOR to your event!

Not a single day goes by when I’m not asked this question 🙂
My answer is simply .. ‘Magic is whatever you want it to be.’

Simply fill out the attached form under bookings and provide the following info:

Date of event:
Number of guests:

Once I’ve received event information I’ll be able to give an accurate quote. It’s not a fixed fee. It depends on several factors including travel, number of hours and number of guests that need to be entertained.

Full, (non refundable) payment confirms the booking. Refunds only occur in the event that I cannot attend (for reasons beyond my control) Although in the 10+ years of performing that’s never happened. Phew!

Here’s a list of famous magicians from the UK:

Paul Daniels
Derren Brown

Yes according to the size of the event I can arrange world class high end magician hire

Oh absolutely! A london magician is a great way to engage everyone at a celebration regardless of what you’re celebrating!

Sky is a magician based in London England.

David Copperfield
David Blaine
Derren Brown
Penn and Teller
Chris Angel
Paul Daniels
Lior Suchard

Sky London magician
Dhol players
Beautiful venue or marquee
Delicious catering
Event planner (does all the hard planning work for you!)

I could perform from sunrise to sunset!

I would love to have my own one man magician show london with a large audience. The show would comprise a combination of magic, hypnosis, mind reading, mentalism, card magic and digital magic.

It takes loving magic, loving audience reactions, skill, psychology, showmanship, misdirection, engagement, audience management, good story telling, the ability to keep secrets and a smile!

I travel locally and globally to perform magic and hypnosis! It can be an advantage to hire a magician locally to avoid extra travel fees and/or hotel expenses.

The magic circle regularly put on magic shows in london for the general public so it’s worth checking on the magic circle website.

I am honoured and privileged to say that I’m a member of the prestigious magic circle!

I am currently taking on private students who want to become really good at magic.
I provide expert tuition and guide you every step of the way so that you can perform world class magic and wow your friends and family!

Please send a DM on the contact form and I’ll provide details.

I would say bicycle cards are the industry standard for any self respecting magician!
They are the top magic cards by far!

Please get in touch on the booking form

The magic circle has a website and they regularly put on shows for the general public.

The best magician tricks are those that wow you on a personal level. Social media magic may not work for an elderly person but would work really well for young adults who are more likely to use social media as part of their daily routine.

In my personal opinion, David Blaine. No one can do what he has done. He has to be the top magician of all time!

Derren Brown and Paul McKenna are the most famous hypnotist magicians in the UK.

Yes please get in touch on the contact form

Probably over 400 (a mix of professional magicians and hobbyist magicians)

 Yes I have both! I perform magic for young people and service users in adolescent mental health units so a DBS is compulsory.

The following is a list of high end suppliers I have worked with. They are the very best at what they do!

Disc Jockey:
DJ Sandyman (industry standard top DJ)

Dhol players
(Gurkirat Daffu is the best UK dhol player)
(M) +44 7740 112930

Prithpal Marway has put together an extraordinary catering service with exquisite Indian food!

Venue: Chigwell Marquees

Wedding and Events planner: Anyaa

Cakes by Tayeba:

Wedding/event planner: Sacred Creations