Magic at The Savoy

I was privileged and a little intimidated I admit, to perform at the prestigious Savoy Hotel in Central London bordering the River Thames. Inside you will find luxury everywhere. The ambience exudes opulence and splendour and you will see images of iconic figures who have visited and stayed at The Savoy including The Rolling Stones and Humphrey Bogart. As a London Magician, I believe it was just a matter of time before I ended up at The Savoy for a magic gig. If you’re going to hire a magician in London, you expect only the finest practitioner of the beautiful art of magic and I constantly strive to be the best I can be.
The Douai Foundation had retained my magician services for a gala dinner in the Ballroom. A string quartet provided the gorgeous classical music and were placed strategically, in the centre of the room. I performed close up magic in a variety of ways using digital magic, close up magic, mind reading, mentalism, magic with playing cards, money magic and magic with calculators. My job was to perform table magic instead of the usual walkabout magic and entertain guests whilst dining.
A wonderful occasion and it could be yours with SKY magician – a close up magician and hypnotist from London who will add the WOW-FACTOR! Attendees will be captivated as I create memorable experiences and stimulate interaction and conversation among participants. I bring my signature brand of mix and mingling magic – also known as ice-breaking magic.